TVO looks back on the first year of COVID-19

A year into the pandemic, TVO examines its social, cultural, and personal impacts with Inside Stories: A Year of COVID
By Daniel Kitts - Published on Mar 16, 2021
An image from the documentary 'The World at a Distance: Corona and the Year of Silence.' (Spiegel TV)



COVID-19 has directly affected the daily lives of virtually every person on the planet in a way that nothing has since perhaps the Second World War.

So it makes sense that, a year after it became clear that the world had been plunged into a once-in-a-century pandemic, governments, organizations, and individuals are pausing to take stock of how much has changed.

Here at TVO, we are doing that with Inside Stories: A Year of COVID, a project that explores the psychological, social, and personal impacts of the pandemic.

At the heart of Inside Stories is a documentary series hosted by Globe and Mail health columnist André Picard.


The four films in the series explore the pandemic’s effects on Ontario, Canada, and the world:

  • Dispatches From a Field Hospital — Award-winning filmmaker Matt Gallagher chronicles his own family’s story after his father, Morrie, is admitted to a special field hospital set up in Windsor to treat seniors infected with COVID-19.
  • Outbreak: The Virus That Shook the World – This film follows the story of COVID-19 from the first case of human infection in Wuhan, exploring how some countries managed to contain the virus while others failed and sharing personal stories of people who have lost loved ones to the disease.
  • The Disease Hunters: The Viral Menace – This documentary examines the work of researchers who explore caves, jungles, and bustling marketplaces to track down deadly pathogens that could lead to new epidemics.
  • The World at a Distance: Corona and the Year of Silence – Travelling to six continents, The World at a Distance is a meditation on how the pandemic has changed our lives. Authors, teachers, business owners, spiritual leaders, and others discuss how they have tried to adapt to life under COVID-19.
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Inside Stories also features discussions on The Agenda and articles on that provide an in-depth look at the social and cultural impacts of the pandemic.  

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