‘The other side of the story’: Investigating the death of Soleiman Faqiri

TVO’s “Unascertained” podcast delves into what happened to Faqiri at the Central East Correctional Centre — and why the case has been referred back to the OPP
By Daniel Kitts - Published on Sep 13, 2021



In TVO’s podcast series Unascertained, Yusuf Zine and Kevin Young sought to tell the story of Soleiman Faqiri and his death in an Ontario correctional facility in 2016. 

Over the course of seven episodes released this spring, they discovered that much of what was publicly known about the case did not seem to add up. Unascertained featured surprising details from former prison inmates, an eyewitness account of Faqiri’s final minutes, and expert medical analysis — all of which raised questions about the version of the story presented by officials.

Over the summer, Ontario’s chief forensic pathologist determined that Faqiri’s death had been a result of actions taken by correctional officers and referred the case back to the Ontario Provincial Police. 

TVO.org spoke with Zine and Young about these developments — and this week’s new podcast episode, which tells, as Zine says, “the other side of the story.”


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