The Best of The Agenda 2014: Walter Russell Mead — The Return of Geopolitics

By TVO News - Published on January 1, 2015
Steven Paikin and Walter Russell Mead
Walter Russell Mead — The Return of Geopolitics.

Walter Russell Mead, professor of foreign affairs and humanities at Bard College in New York, says that in the post-Cold War world order which encourages cooperation, three countries aren't falling in line: China, Russia and Iran. He tells Steve Paikin that these "revisionist powers" have two things in common: fear — they feel hostility from the west about their forms of government — and hope — they see an opportunity to reshape the world. With all three countries of various levels of concern to Canada and its allies in 2014, are we seeing a return to geopolitics and the old-fashioned power plays of the pre-1990 globe?

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