The Agenda on Politics: Dispatches from Ontario's deep south

Mary Baxter discusses how the election will play out in southwestern Ontario
By TVO Current Affairs - Published on November 29, 2017
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Hosted by John Michael McGrath



Southwestern Ontario is the closest thing Ontario has to a conservative heartland. It's an area where Patrick Brown, who is walking on a tightrope between the right and the left, faces great opportunities but also great challenges. It's an area where the governing Liberals will face some of their strongest criticisms, and where the NDP will try to hold on to its turf. TVO's Mary Baxter talks with John Michael McGrath about the issues that will dominate the upcoming election, from farming to high-speed rail. 

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Host: John Michael McGrath

Producers: Colin Ellis and Tim Alamenciak 

Technical producer: Matthew O'Mara

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