The Agenda on Politics: An Ontario 'youthquake'?

By TVO Current Affairs - Published on June 7, 2018
Hosted by John Michael McGrath



Guest: Jane Hilderman

With Ontarians heading to the polls, The Agenda on Politics focuses on one group of voters who could make a big difference in this election: millennials. This cohort is notorious for not voting, but they could be the key to victory for one lucky party this time around. Jane Hilderman, executive director of The Samara Centre for Democracy looks at millennial attitudes to voting and how that could play out in this election.

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Host: John Michael McGrath

Producers: Colin Ellis and Tim Alamenciak

Technical Producer: Matthew O'Mara

Podcast Intern: Michal Stein

Production Coordinator: Caitlin Plummer

Podcast Manager: Hannah Sung

Ballot Box: Spoiled, rejected and declined ballots

Produced and hosted by Matthew O'Mara and Michal Stein.

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