Perimeter Institute: Quantum physics meets data science

A recent lecture highlights what two cutting-edge scientific disciplines have in common
By Daniel Kitts - Published on Oct 08, 2020



To the casual observer, data science and quantum physics may seem very different.

Data science is complicated but appears grounded in real-world things, such as polling, internet search engines, and speech-recognition software. Quantum physics, on the other hand, appears both complicated and otherworldly — all about particles flashing in and out of existence, objects being able to exist in two states at the same time, parallel universes … It’s enough to make the head of someone who dropped out of science after Grade 10 explode. (Full disclosure: I dropped out of science after Grade 10.)

But, thanks to a recent lecture at the Perimeter Institute, in Waterloo, you can learn about what defines both data science and quantum physics — and how the two are interrelated. Watch it here:

The Perimeter Institute’s public lectures are usually held once a month. is streaming the entire 2020-21 series.

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