Perimeter Institute: Homes away from home

Astrophysicist Elizabeth Tasker discusses other planets in our galaxy and whether they could — or already do — support life
By Daniel Kitts - Published on Nov 06, 2019



Is the Milky Way galaxy teeming with alien creatures, or is Earth unique in its ability to host life? It’s a question astronomers are still unable to answer. 

But we are closer than ever before to knowing whether life is the exception or the rule: since the 1990s, more than 4,000 planets have been discovered beyond our solar system. At a Perimeter Institute public lecture on November 6 at 7 p.m., astrophysicist and author Elizabeth Tasker took her audience on a tour of a few of the worlds we’ve found in the galaxy — and considered whether someone (or something) else may call them home. If you missed the lecture, you can view it via this video replay: 

The Perimeter Institute’s public lectures are usually held once a month. will stream the entire 2019-20 series.

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