How one Hamilton doctor is saving mothers across the globe

By Steve Paikin - Published on November 21, 2016



"In a typical North American city, fewer than one woman in 4,000 dies from childbirth. In sub-Saharan African countries such as Uganda, the odds are one in 16."

That startling statistic is courtesy of an organization called Save the Mothers — and it was startling enough that it forever altered the course of one Ontario family's life. Jean Chamberlain Froese was a doctor living and working in Hamiltonwhen she came to the conclusion that far too many women were dying in childbirth in east African nations, and it simply had to end.

And so she and her family resolved to move  to Uganda for eight months of the year, to set up Save the Mothers and establish new systems that would help stop this senseless tragedy.

Since then, "Dr. Jean," as everyone calls her, and her husband have adopted a Ugandan child, and her efforts to help thousands of women continue.

 Watch the interview and see first-hand the passion that keeps Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese going overseas.