How do you build a ‘social circle’? Here are the provincial guidelines

The government has released advice on how to safety expand the number of people you spend time with
By staff - Published on Jun 12, 2020



The government of Ontario says that, starting June 12, people can start to relax some of the social-distancing practices that have been part of the recommended lifestyle in a COVID-19 world. Families and households can begin to interact more closely — grandparents can hug their children and grandchildren, for example — in groups of up to 10, with some conditions:

  • Everyone in a "circle" must agree to keep close interactions inside the circle.
  • No one inside the circle can have close social contact with people outside that one circle.
  • For interactions outside the circle, all the physical-distancing rules still apply — keeping two metres away, wearing masks if necessary, etc. And people should continue to wash their hands frequently.

Ministry of Health officials hope that a careful resumption of such contact will help Ontarians manage their mental health while minimizing the risk of new, uncontrolled spread of COVID-19.

Here's the government handout on building social circles:

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page 3

Here's the complete technical briefing:

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