Ep. 9 - The Invisible Heart

Who should be funding social change?
By TVO Podcasts - Published on December 13, 2018



“Where do you draw the line between a philanthropic gift and a democratic right?” — Nadine Pequeneza

Social-impact bonds — which see private investors fund government pilot programs for a return on investment — are a growing global trend. When filmmaker Nadine Pequeneza first heard about them, in 2014, she was excited about the investment tool that aimed to marry capitalism with social change. Four years and a documentary film later, her thinking has changed. In this episode of On Docs, she sits down with Colin Ellis to explain why.  

Guest: Nadine Pequeneza. Host: Colin Ellis, Producer: Chantal Braganza, Technical Producer: Matthew O'Mara, Production Coordinator: Caitlin Plummer, Podcast Manager: Hannah Sung.

Credit: A TVO Original Documentary produced by HitPlay Productions, Vince Guaraldi Trio/Fantasy Records/youtube.com.

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