Ep. 9 - ‘Native’: O Canada, stop labelling and start listening

From Indigenous self-identification to the power of verb choice and capitalization
By TVO Podcasts - Published on Nov 13, 2018



If you — like us — can’t get enough of our guest Falen Johnson, subscribe to the podcast she co-hosts, The Secret Life of Canada. It’s a history podcast that tells the forgotten stories of Canada, from snacks to Hudson’s Bay point blankets. Falen’s play, Salt Baby, has been staged across Canada.

This is where you can find our guest Mika Lafond’s poetry collection, nipê wânîn: my way back, from Thistledown Press. The poems, in Cree and English on facing pages, were inspired by her grandmother’s life and teachings.

For an essential guide to writing about Indigenous peoples and topics, look no further than Gregory Younging’s The Elements of Indigenous Style, which is aimed at both Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers and editors. We’re so grateful that this resource is available on bookshelves across Canada. If you write, edit, or publish in Canada, it’s a must-read.

This brings us to the end of our first season of Word Bomb. Thanks for listening! See you soon.

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