Ep. 6 – Singular ‘they’: Busting open the binary

Hosts Pippa Johnstone and Karina Palmitesta trace the evolution of a small word that’s had an outsize impact
By TVO Podcasts - Published on Oct 23, 2018





For more on our guest Lex Konnelly, who’s a PhD student at the University of Toronto, visit their website to read more about their research into linguistics and sexual diversity and the places where language, gender, and identity intersect.

For more on our guest Rae Takei, follow the Instagram account of Rose Butch, their nonbinary drag persona. Rae performs in Vancouver, so if you live out there, keep your eye on that Instagram bio for details of their next show.

Jordan Peterson’s full, hour-long interview on The Agenda With Steve Paikin, which you heard clips of in this episode, can be found here.

And for some great posts on the intersection of gender and word usage, search articles tagged “Gender” on one of Karina’s favourite editorial resources, the Radical Copyeditor.

Thanks for listening!

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