Ep. 5 - Take Light

What happens when a city can’t keep the lights on?
By TVO Podcasts - Published on November 15, 2018




“We have to question our energy systems and whether it’s compatible with the survival of humanity on this planet.” – Shasha Nakhai

What happens when a city can’t keep the lights on? That’s the reality for residents of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, who have no access to reliable electricity. Filmmaker Shasha Nakhai tells Colin about her new documentary, Take Light, which explores how the power grid affects her hometown — and residents such as Martins, the electrician at the heart of this story.

Guest: Shasha Nakhai. Host: Colin Ellis, Producers: Chantal Braganza and Matthew O’Mara, Production Coordinator: Caitlin Plummer, Podcast Manager: Hannah Sung.

Credit: Storyline Entertainment/takelightfilm.com


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