Ep. 10 - A Whale of a Tale: Life After The Cove

Why the story around Japan's whaling practices isn't black and white.
By TVO Podcasts - Published on January 17, 2019



“In the United States, many issues — whether it’s gun control or abortion or about President Trump — you always hear both sides of the story. But when it comes to whaling, we only hear one side.”  — Megumi Sasaki

In 2009, a documentary directed the globe’s attention to Taiji, a tiny town in coastal Japan where dolphin and whale hunting forms a major part of the fishing industry. The Cove went on to win an Oscar and inspire a new generation of anti-whaling activism.

But what if the story around Japan’s whaling culture isn’t so black and white? Nearly a decade later, filmmaker Megumi Sasaki returned to Japan to explore the country’s historical and cultural relationship with whaling and to document the effects The Cove has had on Taiji and its people.

Guest: Megumi Sasaki. Host: Colin Ellis, Producer: Chantal Braganza, Technical Producer: Matthew O'Mara, Production Coordinator: Jonathan Halliwell, Nikki Ashworth, Podcast Manager: Hannah Sung.

Credit: Courtesy of Fine Line Media.

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