Election update: What you need to know for October 4

Two planes, two passports, and a looming strike in Ontario
By H.G. Watson - Published on Oct 04, 2019
If education workers opt to strike, Doug Ford’s government could either let it happen or call Queen’s Park back from adjournment to table back-to-work legislation. (Chris Young/CP)



Here’s our daily look at what’s happening on the federal campaign trail.

Latest news

  • During Wednesday night’s TVA French-language debate, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer revealed that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau uses two planes while campaigning. According to the National Post, after the event, Trudeau said that his campaign uses a cargo plane “to do more events in more parts of the country and meet more Canadians.” Scheer later called him a hypocrite — though he wouldn’t say whether his campaign has bought carbon offsets for his plane, as Trudeau has done for his.
  • Trudeau’s campaign isn’t the only one seeing double. On Thursday afternoon, news broke that Scheer has dual American-Canadian citizenship. The Globe and Mail reports that Scheer has not renewed his passport and that he had filed paperwork to renounce his U.S. citizenship before the election writ was issued. In the past, Conservatives have been critical of politicians from other parties who hold dual citizenship.
  • How would voters respond if 55,000 education workers in Ontario went on strike Monday? According to the CBC, Conservatives are worried about the impact a strike could have on the polls. “They keep hearing from voters at the doors that Ford's record makes them reluctant to vote for Scheer. A school strike under Ford's government wouldn't help Scheer in any way,” writes reporter Mike Crawley. If workers do opt to strike, the Doug Ford government could either let it happen or call Queen’s Park back from adjournment to table back-to-work legislation — a move that would put Ford back in the spotlight.
  • More than 150 human-rights groups want whichever party wins the federal election to decriminalize sex work. Global News reports that those calling for decriminalization, including the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre, and Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, believe that this “is the first step to ensuring sex workers’ safety and dignity, which means creating spaces where they can work in a way that they feel safe and not isolated.” Currently, only the Green party has included sex-work law reforms as part of its platform.

What to watch for

  • NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will be making stops in Saskatchewan and Ontario today. He’ll make an announcement about public service in Saskatoon in the morning and head to Thunder Bay later in the day.
  • Green party leader Elizabeth May will continue campaigning in her home riding of Saanich–Gulf Islands on Friday and over the weekend.
  • Andrew Scheer will make an announcement at the Delta Toronto Airport Hotel, in Toronto, and then attend an evening event at Black Creek Pioneer Village.
  • Justin Trudeau will be in Quebec City this morning, where he will meet families at Restaurant Normandin. In the afternoon, he’ll will plant a tree with families in Saint-Anaclet.
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