Election update: What you need to know for October 1

Trudeau faces the "Greta Thunberg effect," and Doug Ford isn’t happy about being the Liberal leader’s punching bag
By H.G. Watson - Published on Oct 01, 2019
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau speaks with Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg in Montreal on September 27. ( Ryan Remiorz/CP)



Here’s our daily look at what’s happening on the federal campaign trail.

Latest news

  • Justin Trudeau’s support among young voters dropped after his meeting with Greta Thunberg on Friday and the release of the Liberal platform on Sunday. Nanos Research found that the number of people aged 18 to 29 who prefer Trudeau as prime minister dropped from 35 per cent to 24 per cent over 24 hours. However, no other party seems to clearly benefit from this drop in support for Trudeau — save Jagmeet Singh, all saw only minor increases in support. The number of undecided young voters rose 4 per cent. Nanos Research told CTV News that the drop was a result of the “Greta Thunberg effect.” The teenage climate activist told Trudeau that he isn’t doing enough to protect the environment from the threat of runaway climate change — the same thing Thunberg tells all world leaders. 
  • According to the Toronto Star, Ontario premier Doug Ford wants to respond to Justin Trudeau’s “daily barbs” — but he won’t if that would hurt Andrew Scheer’s election chances. “Those close to Ford say he is not happy at being Trudeau’s punching bag on issues like education, health, justice, and infrastructure funding,” writes Robert Benzie, Toronto Star’s Queen’s Park bureau chief. Scheer is keeping his distance as well, allegedly having said Ford’s name only once so far during the campaign. However, the Conservative leader is spending time with other conservative premiers — Alberta’s Jason Kenney will campaign for Scheer in the Greater Toronto Area this weekend.
  • Elizabeth May is fighting back against NDP accusations that her party is fragmented on abortion rights. When asked what the difference is between the two left-leaning parties, Singh has said that the NDP is clear on a woman’s right to choose, while May would let anti-abortion candidates run. However, May says the issue is, in fact, not open for debate. The topic has become a sticking point because the Greens Chatham–Kent–Leamington candidate had to be re-vetted after it was revealed he had made anti-abortion statements in Campaign Life Coalition questionnaires, according to CTV News. That same week, May said in an interview with the CBC that Greens would not silence any candidate who brought the issue forward, because the party does not whip votes. However, the party later clarified that no Green MP would ever bring this forward and that the party has a clear pro-choice policy. 
  • The official leaders’ debates are just around the corner. According to Global News, the Canadian Debate Production Partnership announced Monday that the English-language debate, scheduled to take place on October 7, will cover five themes: affordability and economic insecurity; environment and energy; Indigenous issues; national and global leadership; and polarization, human rights and immigration. The French-language debate on October 10 will cover economy and finances; environment and energy; foreign policy and immigration; identity, ethics and governance; and services to citizens. 

What to watch for​​​​​​​

  • Justin Trudeau will be in Richmond Hill this morning to talk to GTA mayors about the need to end gun violence.
  • Andrew Scheer will be making an announcement this morning at Hotel X Toronto.
  • Jagmeet Singh will be in Vancouver this morning attending a breakfast event with young families.
  • Elizabeth May will be at Ryerson University, in Toronto, this afternoon making an announcement about post-secondary education and then in Montreal this evening for a climate quiz and speech at Siboire Saint-Laurent Micro Brewery.
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