COVID-19: What you need to know for November 11

The latest coronavirus updates from across the province
By staff - Published on Nov 11, 2021




  • Per today's government report, there are 642 new cases in Ontario, for a total of total of 605,248 since the pandemic began; 251 people are in hospital testing positive for COVID-19, while 132 are in intensive care who either previously tested positive or have currently tested positive, and 72 patients are on ventilators. To date, 9,916 people have died.
  • Per the government’s report on the province’s vaccination program, as of 8 p.m. yesterday, Ontario has administered 15,962 new doses of COVID-19 vaccines, for a total of 22,668,228 since December 2020. 432,230 people have received only one dose, and 11,117,999 people have received both doses. 88.59 per cent of Ontarians over the age of 12 have received their first dose of vaccine and 85.27 per cent have received their second.
pandemic data
Data from the Province of Ontario; visualizations by John Michael McGrath.
pandemic data
Data from the Province of Ontario; visualizations by John Michael McGrath.
pandemic data
Data from the Province of Ontario; visualizations by John Michael McGrath.
pandemic data
Data from the Province of Ontario; visualizations by John Michael McGrath.

Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

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  • According to November 10 data, Toronto reported 84 new cases of COVID-19, for a total of 181,566 since the pandemic began; 18 of them are in hospital (2 new). In total, 3,701 people have died (1 new).
  • The province charged downtown Hamilton restaurant Nique seven times under the Reopening Ontario Act for allegedly not collecting contact tracing information, screening employees or customers, following masking rules or proof-of-vaccination rules. As the Hamilton Spectator reports, Nique's owner previously told media he would not be enforcing proof-of-vaccination rules. He did not respond to questions about the charges telling the newspaper, "Give up. It's over." Six other businesses were also charged for alleged pandemic-related infractions last week.
  • Haldimand-Norfolk public health says two COVID-19 outbreaks in Langton and Dunnville are likely responsible for recent surges in cases but will not say where they occurred, how many people were infected, or whether the outbreaks continue, the Spectator reports. On Tuesday, Matt Strauss, acting medical officer of health, told the local board of health that it has been challenging to build trust with the affected communities. Epidemiologist Colin Furness tells the paper that's understandable and that although transparency is generally good, making outbreaks public can cause affected people to hide information. COVID-19 killed three people in the health unit in the past two weeks. There were 72 active cases as of Wednesday.
  • Niagara has seen a 60 per cent jump in COVID-19 cases from 142 two weeks ago, to 232 on Wednesday, the St. Catharines Standard reports. Acting medical officer of health Mustafa Hirji has said easing restrictions likely contributed and that continuing to lift restrictions would be harmful. The province has paused plans to do so, but Hirji said Tuesday that the province may need to consider bringing back capacity limits in athletic and sporting facilities, which have been tied to local outbreaks and infections.
  • School boards in Nagara say any individual working in schools has either attested to be fully vaccinated or is participating in a rapid testing program, the Standard reports.


  • As of November 2, Indigenous Services Canada is aware of 687 communities across Canada with vaccinations underway. 852,618 doses have been administered, of that 366,282 were second doses in individuals 12 and older.
  • As of November 9, Indigenous Services Canada is aware of 1,218 active cases of COVID-19 in First Nation communities across Canada. It is also reporting 509 COVID-19 related deaths in total, across all First Nation reserves in Canada. To date, Ontario First Nation communities have had a total of 3,442 COVID-19 cases.


  • The federal government has released new guidelines that it hopes will allow more public servants to return to work in the office, CTV News reports. There is no word yet on a possible date for said return, but Treasury Board president Mona Fortier has said return plans will "build flexibility" where they can.



  • Southwestern Public Health is considering a return to stricter pandemic measures, including rolling back capacity limits, as COVID-19 cases rise in the region, CTV News London reports.
  • An outbreak involving fewer than five patients has been declared at Windsor Regional Hospital’s Ouellette Campus, CTV News Windsor reports.

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