COVID-19: Read the Canadian Forces report on long-term care

On Tuesday, Premier Doug Ford discussed the Canadian Forces report, which reveals disturbing details about the state of long-term care in Ontario. Read it here
By staff - Published on May 26, 2020



The government is starting a new wave of in-person inspections at Ontario's long-term-care homes after a report from the Canadian Forces, which has been assisting the province in the five hardest-hit LTCs, identified numerous cases of poor infection control and suspected abuse of residents, including one case in which staff might have contributed to a patient's death due to choking (that case, at the Orchard Villa care centre in Pickering, has also been referred to the province's chief coroner).

The report, signed by Brigadier-General C.J.J. Mialkowski, lists numerous examples of CF members witnessing poor infection control (infected patients being allowed to wander unattended), residents being treated roughly and denied food or not fed properly, as well as extensive staffing problems.

Premier Doug Ford said on Tuesday that he will be asking the Forces to extend its current mission for another 30 days.

Here's the text of the report:

report 1

report 2

report 3

report 4

report 5

report 6

report 7

report 8

report 9

report 10

report 11

report 12

report 13

chart 14

report 15

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