TeachOntario X OISE – Product Demo for our Future Education Leaders

I am an Elementary Educator with the Halton Catholic District School Board and in September TVO offered me a secondment to support the development, creation, and promotion of our learning products and content.

On March 7th, Albert Wisco and I had the great opportunity to visit the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) and speak to graduate students in the Teachers and Educational Change course about all things TeachOntario. 

3 adults in front of a power point presentation
Albert Wisco, Community Manager for TeachOntario, Dr. Carol Campbell, Professor, OISE (University of Toronto) and that’s me (Maureen)

This group of educators were particularly fond of the resources offered through the TeachOntario Talks section that profiles exemplary educators and the New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP), that offer access to mentorship opportunities for new teachers.

The participants had great questions including what resources are available to support students with special needs and insights from a diversity perspective – all of which we were proud to share and are key components of the platform. 

It was great to hear how data driven they were in their approach, with one teacher inquiring about the direct impact of the product. With over 12,000 registered users and the depth of the social connections and knowledge sharing, we know we’re making an important impact for educators in Ontario. 

Their thinking from a global perspective was also really refreshing. They inquired if we interact with similar platforms in other provinces. Although, TeachOntario is catered to educators in Ontario, we are proud to now offer the “Explore” section to everyone.

group of students with Albert and Maureen
Albert & I with the group of students that selected TeachOntario for their final course project.

I also really enjoyed sharing a personal story of how I used TeachOntario when I was stuck on an art and media lesson for one of my classes. I went searching for resources and was lucky to connect with a fellow educator from Red Rock, Ontario who shared some of her lessons and creative ideas that I was very excited to apply in my classroom. I look forward to the day where we can meet in person!

If you wanted to learn more about TeachOntario, check out our page or get in touch and “Ask Albert” at communitymanager@tvo.org

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