TVO’s Over-the-Air signal is changing in Chatham, Belleville, and Windsor

By TVO News - Published on Jul 26, 2019
See schedule below for channel changes in your area.



Due to government mandated transmitter updates, TVO’s over-the-air signal is changing in Belleville, Chatham and Windsor. As a result, audiences who receive TVO’s signal through antennas will have to re-scan their TV sets to continue receiving TVO over the air. 

Note: Viewers accessing TVO through cable, direct-to-home satellite and Bell Fibe will not lose service or need to re-scan their TV Sets.

Please refer to the schedule below to see how you may be affected.


As of May 1, 2020 (weather permitting) TVO's over-the-air channel in Chatham will no longer be available on channel 32 and will be switching to channel 34. You will need to re-scan your sets to continue receiving TVO over the air. 


As of February 25, 2020 TVO's over-the-air channel in Belleville has changed to channel 22. Please re-scan your sets to continue receiving TVO over the air.


As of June 17,  2019 TVO's signal is now located on on new channel 19. 

To re-scan your TV set
Viewers can re-scan their televisions following these easy steps (viewers are encouraged to consult their TV manuals for model-specific details):

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1.    Click “Settings” or “Menu” on the television’s remote control
2.    Go to the “Channel” tab
3.    Select the “Auto Channel Program”

This will scan the above-mentioned channels for viewers in each market and restore service. The process can take several minutes to complete.

Mandated by ISED (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development) in Canada and the Federal Communications Commission in the U.S. (FCC), this “TV channel repack” program requires broadcasters with over-the-air services to transition into a tighter spectrum to free up more spectrum for wireless carriers.

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