TVO receives $2M donation to fund new Ontario journalism Hubs

Expanded local current affairs coverage will connect communities
By TVO News - Published on Jan 11, 2017
This donation will expand TVO’s unique model of journalism by creating a new network of TVO Local Hubs in regions throughout the province.



TVO will better connect communities across Ontario through ground-breaking, in-depth current affairs coverage as a result of one of the largest philanthropic gifts to journalism in Canada, a $2 million donation from Goldie Feldman and the Barry and Laurie Green Charitable Trust.

The donation will expand TVO’s unique model of journalism by creating a new network of TVO Local Hubs in regions throughout the province. Journalists will be hired to expand and deepen coverage and the Hubs will establish new partnerships with colleges and universities, creating internship opportunities for students.

“This extraordinary gift provides TVO with the ability to offer an unparalleled depth of analysis, debate, context and informed opinion,” said TVO Chief Executive Officer Lisa de Wilde. “At a time of severe contraction in journalism, TVO Local Hubs is about creating more in-depth journalism in communities across Ontario. It’s a huge and exciting opportunity.”

Focused initially on the first Local Hub in Thunder Bay (with three additional Hubs to be named), the transformational donation will greatly increase the overall presence of Ontario issues, ideas and events on TVO’s broadcast and website, and will include more in-depth current affairs coverage of indigenous issues.

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You can count on TVO to cover the stories others don’t—to fill the gaps in the ever-changing media landscape. But we can’t do this without you.

The transformational donation comes at a time when journalism has been threatened by economic forces – with an estimated 10,000 jobs lost1 in the past decade; fewer investigations, and reduced context and analysis, leaving local audiences and communities feeling further alienated from each other.

 “Our family felt it was an important time to create a meaningful impact for the citizens of Ontario,” said Barry Green. “We need TVO and the type of journalism it provides now more than ever before:  Respectful, informed and above all, based on facts.  We hope our gift will address this and inspire others to give as well.”

This is a $2 million donation, of which $500,000 is contingent on TVO fundraising additional dollars.  

Added John Ferri, TVO Vice President of Current Affairs and Documentaries: “This is an enormously important step for ensuring journalism’s vital contribution to a healthy, vibrant democracy. TVO can bring even more engaging, on-the-ground current affairs journalism to the people of Ontario and provide a greater sense of community, one that connects the citizens of this province to the issues that matter to them.”


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