TVO Announces COVID-19 Response

By TVO News - Published on Mar 17, 2020
TVO announces COVID-19 response.



TVO today announced it has enhanced its COVID-19 response as it works to deliver on its mandate in a manner that helps to protect against the spread of illness.

Following Premier Ford’s declaration of a state of emergency in Ontario, TVO announced the following measures:

•    The production of That TVOkids Show, TVO’s daily live show for kids, will go on hiatus until further notice. The timeslot usually reserved for the live show will now show re-runs of That TVOkids Show

•    Production of The Agenda with Steve Paikin will continue with an amended format. The show’s production schedule will be organized to allow for at least one segment each day to be broadcast live so that viewers can get an up-to-the minute update on COVID-19 from Steve Paikin and the Agenda team. No guests will be brought into the studio, so the balance of the show will consist of skype interviews or pre-aired segments of interest. 

• will continue to be the home for TVO’s online coverage of the COVID-19 situation and other issues important to Ontarians. Coverage will include regular articles from TVO Ontario Hubs on how COVID-19 is impacting communities across the province, as well as videos and a daily ‘What you need to know today’ update that keeps readers current.

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•    Production of #onpoli, TVO’s podcast about Ontario politics, will continue throughout. Hosts Steve Paikin and John Michael McGrath will record from makeshift ‘studios’ in their homes, and TVO producers will package and post each episode remotely. 

•    TVO’s digital learning resources, including TVO ILC, TVO Mathify, TVO mPower and TVOkids ( and the TVOkids YouTube channel), will continue to function without interruption. These digital learning tools are designed for individual use by Ontarians across the province, and will be maintained by TVO staff working remotely.

“TVO has an important learning and current affairs mandate to fulfil for the people of Ontario, and also a responsibility to do what we can to respond to the COVID-19 emergency,” said Jennifer Hinshelwood, TVO’s Acting Chief Operating Officer. “We feel the measures announced today are appropriate under current circumstances, and we will continue to monitor developments as they evolve.”

TVO has adopted a strict social distancing policy for its employees, where approximately 90% of TVO staff are working from home in a coordinated effort.

“As a digital learning and media organization, TVO has a strong digital culture and is able to respond quickly and effectively to remote work,” Ms. Hinshelwood said. “I would like to thank the entire TVO team for the way they continue to rise to the challenge of delivering on our mandate in innovative ways.”

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