Rashmi Swarup

Vice President, Digital Learning
Rashmi Swarup joins TVO from the York Region District School Board, where she has been serving as the Superintendent of Education since 2011.
Rashmi is a dynamic leader with extensive international and provincial K–12 experience in preparing students and staff to be enterprising digital learners. Her deep passion and hands-on experience with digital literacy and technology has allowed her to support school leaders with 21st century learning.
Rashmi has a clear vision of how to prepare students with the skills and competencies to be global citizens, and she brings a deep understanding of current education trends regarding the role that digital education can play in redesigning learning opportunities. Rashmi is a TED Ed Innovative Educator who motivates local, global and virtual communities through online collaborative digital sharing and learning tools to enhance student learning.
Rashmi’s career in education systems and ongoing connection with world-wide educational trends and leaders help to make her a great fit at TVO.