Strategic Plan

At TVO, we believe learning has the power to ignite potential – and change the world.

As the Government of Ontario’s partner in digital learning, TVO’s vision is to create a better world through the power of learning. TVO’s powerful learning products and services, rooted in the curriculum, help build an Ontario that can adapt, innovate, and compete globally. Our in-depth current affairs journalism from an Ontario perspective supports citizen engagement and a more robust democracy.

Our new long-term strategic plan, Strategic Directions 2.0, builds on the momentum of Strategic Directions 1.0, which guided us as we transformed into a “must have” provider of unique digital learning products and current-affairs journalism from an Ontario perspective.

Working together, we will create powerful learning experiences that make a difference in the lives of all Ontarians. This will be accomplished through TVO’s suite of products and services and four strategic pillars that reflect our continuing transformation:

Our promise to Ontario:

  • Support Ontario’s transformation of learning inside and outside of the classroom through digital technology;

  • Support citizen engagement through in-depth current affairs journalism from an Ontario perspective;

How we make it happen:

  • Build a digital organization where people thrive in a changing world; and

  • Be financially sustainable through wise stewardship of funding, and focus on increased self-generated revenues.

TVO’s Values

Our values are fundamental to defining who we are as an organization, how we behave and how we work with members of our team as well as our external partners. Our values guide our actions as we deliver on our strategic plan.


Excellence & Innovation
We continually strive to do better while taking risks, experimenting and learning from each other; all to the benefit of the citizens of Ontario.


Collaborative learning creates a momentum that helps us learn and achieve our goals.


We understand the importance of our individual efforts and are accountable for our own actions.


We believe in and rely on ourselves and on each other.


Learning is built on a foundation of respect. We treat each other fairly and encourage diversity of ideas.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We cultivate a workforce that leverages the diversity of Ontarians we serve and fosters a culture of excellence and inclusion. Read statement.

TVO's Educational Blueprint

TVO is deeply committed to Ontario’s public education agenda with its focus on high levels of student achievement and well-being, excellence, and equity. TVO offers accessible, evidence-based digital content that reflects the diversity of students, parents, caregivers, and teachers that make up Ontario’s communities.

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